About Vern and Jhana101

Vern Lovic started this site as a teaching platform to help others get past obstacles in their meditation practice.

Having a meditation teacher who can help you get beyond your present limitations can be the difference between having your meditation goals fulfilled or remaining stuck in a rut.

You’ll have to decide (and hopefully early on) in your practice whether you’re serious about attaining some of the higher hanging fruit of meditation, or if you’ll be happy with some of the basics.

There are many ways to practice meditation but not many that will get you into the higher realms. I’m talking about Jhana here.

I’ve met hundreds of monks here in Thailand and asked them about their meditation experiences. I have only met one who told me he has experienced some Jhana.

How could that be? Aren’t monks supposed to know how to do it? Aren’t they on YouTube telling us how to do it?

For monks, they are taught about many pre-requisites they need to master before they’re able to reach jhanas. They are also taught that karma from the past may inhibit ever reaching jhana in this lifetime. Many give up quickly, thinking they fall into that group.

For you and me, the problem is usually one of Fluff vs. Core practice. A fluff practice usually involves social aspects of your practice that creates new friends and gives you a lot to do (chanting, reading books, going to Buddhist ceremonies, and even becoming Buddhist and following the whole religion).

A core practice involves eliminating all the fluff and focusing only on the core-aspects of meditation. Focusing on the breath during meditation until concentration is reached, then focusing on letting go of states that arise in order.

A core practice can be done on your bedroom floor or a chair in a room. Literally nothing more than that is needed and you can go very far in your meditation practice.

The problem is… we love the fluff. We love the social aspects. Many of us get involved with meditation for these aspects alone and don’t care much about going anywhere in their practice.

That’s fine! Just know what it is you want out of this. Is it friends and things to do? Great, that’s easy enough.

If it’s steady progress toward realizing an elimination of fear, greed, jealousy, anger, hurt, pain, suffering, and the rest of it… it takes a different approach.

If you haven’t already guessed, my approach to meditation doesn’t contain any of the fluff. We won’t meditate in groups. We won’t chant. We won’t talk about the Buddhist restrictions on your behavior before you start to meditate so you can ‘earn it.’

There is no earning it. That’s fluff. ANYONE can reach very high states of concentration and Jhana.

It just takes a few steps and absolute clarity on what it is you’re doing.

It takes ignoring some or all of what you may have previously learned. That’s fluff, almost surely 99% of it is just nonsense that won’t help you get anywhere in your meditation practice.

Give this a chance.

Every one of us has this innate potential to reach new realms. It comes naturally when you follow a few steps.

It takes persistence, is all.

A daily practice of 20 minutes.

Surely you can find 20 minutes to change the rest of your life?

If you’d like to learn with Vern, or find out what this is all about, I’m in the process of making videos and more informational articles to help.

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I have a lot of free information on my Jhana8.com site. I also have many journal posts there that I wrote right after especially notable sessions.

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